1. Does Acupuncture hurt?

Treatment in Daoist Acupuncture involves using hair thin needles as well as herbs and moxibustion. The needles are too thin to feel any pain – and are nothing compared to the common injection needles that people often fear – ideally, most acupuncture points are needled with precision, and the whole goal in general, is to cause no sensation of needle insertion.

2. How long is treatment?

Treatment can take around 30-45 minutes at a time – sometimes longer.

3. What is the difference between Daoist Acupuncture and the normal Acupuncture you hear about?

Daoist acupuncture is the root of all acupuncture – and was only kept within dedicated groups of medical teams – the acupuncture common today, is acupuncture that was taught by Daoist Acupuncture Masters for specific conditions like pain management – however Daoist Acupuncture itself, is capable of treating complex conditions, whilst coexisting with Western Medical treatment (if needed).

4. Do I have to take my clothes off for treatment? 

Daoist acupuncture uses a different method of needling than common acupuncture, therefore clothes can remain on, on most occasions, but sometimes some clothing will need to be removed.

5. Are there any after treatment side effects?

Often when treatment is done, there are more conditions that surface which are previously blocked – this is a good sign, however may temporarily cause increased symptoms in cases like nerve conditions or anxiety conditions related with adrenals constantly firing.