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Acupuncture and Moxibustion have been around for many thousands of years, helping humanity coexist and heal.

There are varying forms of acupuncture – Daoist acupuncture, which is the root of acupuncture is the most powerful form of acupuncture, practiced only by a few who have been directly taught by Daoist Masters.

Daoist Acupuncture uses needles, herbs and moxibustion to treat all disease at an energetic level to change the physical condition; treatment results are felt right away.

Zelman Ijaz has been studying under the 72nd and 73rd Grandmaster of a Daoist Medical Lineage which is the only lineage of its kind, with the most powerful methods of diagnosis and treatment available – This is the same lineage as that of late James Ramholz, very well known in the Acupuncture community worldwide.

Daoist Acupuncture can treat all kinds of diseases and conditions; Zelman Ijaz travels often to various countries worldwide to offer treatment to patients of varying degrees.

Treatment cost for new patients is currently £150 for the first treatment, and £100 per treatment thereafter.

Please see the FAQ section if you have basic questions on Acupuncture and the safety.